How can I contact The BNP Paribas Masters Ticket Exchange?

Most of the questions The BNP Paribas Masters Ticket Exchange receive from buyers and sellers can be answered straight away by using our self service tools. These include the Help Search (type your question to see a list of answers), Help Pages and our most popular FAQs.

You can also Track Your Order at any time. The most up to date information we have on your order will be provided in here, so please do not contact us to ask where your tickets are.

By using these tools you should be able to find the answer to your question and if you cannot, you will find many opportunities to contact us directly instead.

Please note that to provide the best level of customer support to our buyers and sellers we vary the contact opportunities between e-mail and phone. Rest assured that if you have bought or sold tickets with us, we will provide ample opportunity to contact us by phone and e-mail before the event.

CLICK HERE to use our help tools and find the answer to your questions.

If you are a journalist with a media enquiry you should contact the press office